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Exclusivity, security, and well-being qualified.

Sustainability and the future. In the present.

Verdelago Resort condominium guarantees the future of your investment. We safeguard the smooth running of the entire resort and maintain, protect and enhance its natural environment. By investing in Verdelago Resort, you are investing in the future of this place, which is also yours. The sustainability of the green spaces depends on the investment we will make in them. And, for us, it’s an obligation. Being part of this universe and location is also being part of its future.

Safety, which at Verdelago Resort is a priority, is part of our continued commitment to protecting people, property and our investment. Verdelago Resort is fully fenced, and all accesses to the resort are controlled and monitored, including access to Verdelago beach, with a permanent security team, state-of-the-art technology and a continuous action plan to maintain safety across the entire resort. Cleaning, maintenance and waste collection services are also safeguarded. Everything you need to ensure your investment and well-being is included.

Services included in the condominium.

For your well-being.

The services provided to the condominiums cover all the vital areas for the smooth running of Verdelago Resort – security, cleaning, waste collection, and swimming pool maintenance. Additionally, regeneration, cleaning, and maintenance of all green areas and circulation routes within the resort.

  • reception
    Reception and Entrance

    Access to Verdelago Resort is made through a single entrance, with permanent surveillance using state-of-the-art technology and controls.

  • cleaning

    Cleaning and maintenance of spaces and common areas, permanently, keeping the circulation routes and all leisure spaces treated, clean and preserved.

  • security
    Security and video surveillance

    Video surveillance system with advanced technology, supported by drones and state-of-the-art CCTV cameras, and a permanent, mobile on-site support team in the field, with regular inspection and prevention rounds.

  • waste treatment
    Waste collection and treatment

    Continuous collection, separation and treatment of waste, utilizing an innovative strategy to ensure zero environmental impact.

  • pool
    Communal swimming pools

    Maintenance, treatment and monitoring of the resort’s communal swimming pools, regularly, to preserve and ensure their proper functioning.

  • green zone
    Green Zones and Green Park

    Maintenance, enhancement and treatment of all the resort’s green areas, including the entire green park and all leisure areas.

  • mantainance
    Maintenance and regeneration.

    The maintenance and upgrading of the circulation infrastructure, such as walkways and access routes, as well as equipment used in all common areas of the resort.

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