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Verdelago Resort

A holistic and sustainable vision.

Verdelago Resort, an innovative project with low constructive density, unique in its characteristics.

The construction of Verdelago Resort, a project with low constructive density (8.7%), is part of an integrated environmental process, where social and economic sustainability is equally important. The resort’s construction process, managed by an experienced local team, only uses high-quality, certified and sustainable materials. They are locally sourced with exceptional insulation and acoustic-reduction properties. Mobility within Verdelago Resort is serviced by pedestrian and cycle networks, with light electrical transport options.

The enhancement, rehabilitation and protection of natural resources in common areas makes energy reduction possible. The comfort and quality of each unit are also based on a vision of sustainability – using natural energy resources where natural light, water, heat and biodiversity are transformed into environmentally sustainable energy solutions. Verdelago Resort is a luxury, sophisticated and efficient project in terms of construction, mobility and energy, all perfectly integrated into the ecosystem.

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At Verdelago Resort all aspects of construction are relevant.

Innovation and value rationalized.

Verdelago Resort is an example of constructive integration with a focus on environmental protection. All aspects of construction, implementation and experiences are carefully considered and appropriate. The low impact construction process, designed in detail, intends to efficiently prolong the permanence and sustainability of the natural environment. This places Verdelago Resort in a new generation of socially and environmentally sustainable resorts.

Architecture, energy, mobility, the environment and sustainable construction are part of a broad project reflecting not only the resort’s ecological mission statement but the high standards and lifestyles of future users. Verdelago Resort intends to be an example of sustainability in all its dimensions and this ambition starts with its projection.

  • design-architecture

    An integrated and optimized vision to enhance the natural surroundings, with ample natural light, air and water circulation. Energy, thermal and acoustic comfort, and the application of high quality and environmentally friendly materials.

  • smart home

    Intelligent lighting, air conditioning and thermal comfort based on natural and environmentally efficient options. Sustainable and energy-efficient materials, renewable energy sources and consumption monitoring equipment.

  • zero waste

    Protection and rehabilitation of natural areas, with maintenance and reforestation of native species. Balanced use and exploitation of green spaces. Sustainable water use with filtration and soil drainage and reduction of nighttime light pollution.

  • gardening

    Cycling and pedestrian lanes, with an accessible, inclusive design. Areas for parking bicycles and charging electric vehicles. Use of sustainable, natural materials in the circulation networks.

  • roofing-roof

    Locally sourced natural materials, with acoustic and thermal efficiency, environmentally certified and free from contaminants. Organized and separated waste disposal management.

  • plumbing-sanitary

    Planting of indigenous species with less need for irrigation. Use of rainwater from roofs, monitoring and reduction of water consumption, and equipment with excellent consumption efficiency.

  • engineer-contractor

    Local team of professionals, with all specialties integrated. Performance and results monitoring.

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