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Certified by nature.

Sustainable construction.

Verdelago Resort is a project with low constructive density (8.7%), where all options consider a positive environmental, social, cultural and economic management. Verdelago is the first tourist resort in the country to adhere to the Green Globe Certification from the initial construction phase, with sustainability as a priority in all operations. This is one of the most demanding international certifications for sustainable tourism, affiliated by the United Nations Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Green Globe Standard, updated annually, with recognition awarded by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). With a presence in more than 90 countries and already with 432 members (hotels and resorts certified worldwide), this certification recognizes hotels and resorts that are committed to improving the environmental and social management of their activity.

Clean and renewable energy.

All energy used at Verdelago Resort, in construction to ongoing daily operations, is from clean and renewable sources. The energy options taken in every dimension of the project are renewable, reflected in all of the equipment and solutions chosen. This guarantees sustainable energy powers the entire project.

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More than a consumer, a power generator.

The Verdelago Resort was designed to be a self-sufficient unit in terms of power and energy consumption. With the installation of a photovoltaic plant, the resort can produce a total annual amount of energy greater than that consumed by the development. It has a positive environmental impact by generating renewable energy for the local community.

A local agent with an impact on protecting the planet.

Verdelago Resort intends to be a highly certified, transforming agent with a zero ecological footprint that contributes to economic and social development. By valuing nature and biodiversity, it creates a positive environmental impact. Through sustainable practices, conscientious consumption, renewable energy production and respect for biodiversity, Verdelago Resort provides a responsible lifestyle in harmony with the environment.

Environmentally-friendly solutions. And for the future.


Renewable consumables, of natural and sustainable origin.

At Verdelago Resort, we favor the use of natural, sustainable and recyclable products in all areas and operations of the development. This is reflected in the decoration of the residences and resort units.


Promote and defend biodiversity.

The promotion and defense of the Verdelago Resort’s biodiversity, and its surrounding context, can be understood at the Environmental Protection, Interpretation and Enhancement Centre, whose mission is to educate and protect all the ecosystems at this location.


Light mobility and environmentally friendly.

Verdelago Resort promotes and defines mobility rules, with a sustainable, environmentally friendly, clean, emission-free, and electric-powered perspective. Pedestrian and cycling routes, and the use of light means of transport, are prioritized.


Adoption of renewable sources for energy production.

Conscientious consumption and the adoption of renewable energy sources are guaranteed at the resort. Our photovoltaic plant’s energy production surpasses consumption providing additional power for the local community.


Use of water resources.

Verdelago Resort features an integrated water management system, which actively monitors and controls consumption and recovers rain and residual water. We also have floral species in the green areas that need minimal irrigation.


Waste management and treatment.

Adopting a sustainable waste management policy, Verdelago Resort has an efficient resource control and waste separation system that greatly reduces the footprint of the entire enterprise.


Energetic certification.

The use of renewable energy sources, efficient mechanical and electrical equipment, high-quality materials, efficient insulation, and architectural options that value natural light and outdoor space, ensures every resort unit has an excellent energy rating.


Reduction of CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions.

During the construction of Verdelago Resort, highly skilled regional workers are employed and locally sourced, sustainable materials and goods used where possible. We plant indigenous species in the regeneration of green areas, resulting in lower water consumption, maintenance and higher air purification properties. The implementation of a light transport mobility plan also significantly reduces harmful gas emissions.

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