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A paradise. For Non-Habitual Residents.

Tax regime for retired people or qualified professionals.

A mild climate, good gastronomy. The excellent education system and public health systems. Safety. Portugal has many factors that attract foreigners to the country for vacation or living. The Algarve is one of the areas chosen by many. Therefore, some choose to join the Non-Habitual Residents (RNH) regime, which offers tax benefits for 10 years to those who apply for tax residency in Portugal. This scheme aims to attract retired people or professionals qualified in highly valued areas.

It can be applied for by foreigners, but also by Portuguese who have lived outside the country and wish to return. In any case, and to enjoy the benefits, applicants must stay for more than 183 days a year in Portugal or have a normal residence and have not lived in the country in the five years before applying. Verdelago Resort is an opportunity to access these benefits, with a safe and tangible investment, whilst having the advantage of living in a unique place, where well-being, health and comfort come together.

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A new status in a new territory.

Key advantages of the NHR regime.

To become a Portuguese tax resident, you must comply with one of the two requirements defined by law: reside in Portugal for more than 183 days in a calendar year or own a home with conditions for habitual residence on December 31st. of the year. Investing in Verdelago Resort, through the purchase of a property, will allow you to meet one of these requirements and become a tax resident in Portugal.

To adhere to this regime, you must not have been taxed as a resident in Portugal in the five years before the year in which you become resident in the country. Your profession or status must also be included in the exhaustive list of professional activities which are legally entitled to apply for this regime. Assess the impact of these benefits on your investment, considering fixed tax rates as well as various exemptions on income, sale, inheritance, donations or other dividends. The advantages of living at Verdelago Resort are many. The benefits too.

  • special regime
    Special regime for 10 years

    The tax regime is granted for 10 years, with the possibility of its suspension and resumption.

  • irs rate
    Fixed IRS rate of 20%

    Fixed-rate of 20% for income from dependent work and self-employment obtained in Portugal, from activities with high added value, with a scientific, artistic or technical character.

  • exemtion on foreign income
    Exemption on foreign income

    Income from dependent employment earned outside Portugal is not subject to taxation if it is taxed in the country of origin.

  • Exemption from donations and inheritances
    Exemption from donations and inheritances

    Donations and inheritances of movable property are completely exempt from taxation between ascendants, descendants and spouses. Concerning real estate donations, ascending, descendants and spouses grantees must pay only 0.8% of the Stamp Duty tax. Concerning other beneficiaries of property donations, they pay the two rates of 10% and 0.8%, of Stamp Duty, that is, they pay 10.8%

  • 10% fixed rate on pensions
    10% fixed rate on pensions

    Fixed IRS rate of 10% on pension income earned abroad.

  • Exemption from dividends and royalties
    Exemption from dividends and royalties

    Tax exemption on interest, dividends and royalties obtained outside Portugal, if taxed in the country of origin.

  • Exemption on the sale of valuable goods
    Exemption on the sale of valuable goods

    Exemption from taxation on capital gains arising from the sale of valuable second-hand goods, such as art, cars, amongst other collectibles.

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