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Full security.

Safety in every way.

Verdelago Resort is a private, fully secure resort, designed so that its residents and users feel maximum comfort in all aspects of life. From this perspective, we have a comprehensive security system that allows control, monitoring and targeted action with anything that may interfere with the well-being of our patrons and the functioning of the resort. Security at Verdelago Resort is part of a system that includes human, physical and technological resources. It is organized and integrated into a broad and interconnected network that is permanently monitored. The identification and access control to the resort is done in real-time. Video surveillance of the entire resort is supported by advanced technology systems. A dedicated team carries out systematic security checks and assessments across the entire resort. Access to the beach is also monitored and entry back into the resort requires an access code. The existence of a single main entrance, with access control and identification checks, provides total physical protection for the entire resort. It is supported by a comprehensive security system, allowing us to guarantee complete privacy and safety. In every sense.


An integrated security system.

Safety is a priority.

Verdelago Resort’s security system divides into verification, monitoring and prevention units, where physical, human and technological resources organize efficiently. Verdelago Resort provides an effective security network, designed in harmony with the natural characteristics of the resort, with all active, passive, physical and electronic systems fully integrated.

At Verdelago Resort, safety is a priority. Protect people, property, infrastructure and natural surroundings. Our surveillance equipment and technical support are as unintrusive as possible so that your secure experience in the resort is also full of comfort. An efficient, effective and fully integrated system.

  • privacy

    Verdelago Resort is a private and fully fenced development. The existence of a physical barrier, landscaped around it, guarantees exclusivity and controlled access to the resort.

  • access

    Unique gatehouse with 24/7 surveillance, with real-time access control of entrances and exits to the resort, including access to Verde Lago beach, and to all accommodation units (as an option) for residents and users.

  • surveillance

    Real-time surveillance and monitoring, with regular rounds throughout all areas of the resort, by a team of professionals equipped with vehicles and advanced technological means.

  • monitoring

    Real-time monitoring, with controls integrated into regular rounds across all areas of the resort. Consists of physical and technological means with varying degrees of randomness, registration and frequency.

  • video surveillance
    Video surveillance.

    State-of-the-art CCTV system with night vision and motion sensors supported by drones. Includes random rounds and capturing images throughout the resort.

  • technology

    Integration of 5G technology throughout the security system, which delivers responsiveness, system stability, and a rapid transfer of information with greater guarantees.

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