Nature by the sea

Immerse in an endless landscape.

Sun, sea and eternal beach days.

Here the days are long, eternal, made of sea, sun, salt and a taste of summer. Here the beaches are long. They are deserted and hidden. They are a stage for biodiversity. They are distinct, with personality, and different from each other. They are for the whole family, for a trip for two, or more, they are perfect for discovery. Because here, the beach and the sun don’t end. The beaches extend as far as the eye can see on an endless journey.

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Our true nature.

More than staying here is the feeling of belonging.

Verdelago Resort is absorbed by nature. It is integrated into nature. It’s part of her. Take care of her and she takes care of us. Here the green is part of the landscape. Nature invades us. Here, biodiversity is alive. Sit down. It’s by our side. It’s protected. It is part of our growth. Of our life. It is an essential part of our well-being. It’s vital for the future. It is vital for everyone’s sustainability. Being here is more than staying here. It’s belonging to something unique. And alive.

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The Algarve has more to give here.

Authenticity, simplicity and tradition.

This is the Algarve that awaits you. A more traditional and simpler Algarve. More authentic and genuine. Where everything knows the truth. Where the flavor of time, soul and relationships still allow themselves to be calm. An Algarve with its own rhythm, without haste. The Algarve of Ria Formosa, Guadiana, unexpected flavours, deserted islands and hidden beaches, unique surprises, sophistication, gastronomy, warm people, peace and peace of mind. The Algarve that is here, has more to give.

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Real Estate

More than a choice. Your choice.

Your space. Between the sea and nature.

Live where nature begins and ends. Where the exterior, which surprises you, becomes the interior. It becomes part of everyday life. A nature that has no end and begins at your doorstep. Where a step extends through the warm breeze by the sea, and the path takes no time. Where comfort, sophistication, pleasure and sustainability join hands. Where local, organic and high-quality materials combine, reflecting light beams to be touched and felt, and blend into living corners. A life chosen by you. Your choice.

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Services and Amenities

Around you, at your disposal and for your convenience.

An experience rich in comfort and pleasure.

Verdelago Resort is more than a tourist resort. It is designed for comfort. For peace and tranquility. For balance and reenergizing with nature, which is dense and visceral here. Let yourself be carried away by moments where exclusivity and good taste are combined with pleasure. Lose yourself in the experiences you can live here. Enjoy quality time, no rush, no pressure. Relax. It is at Verdelago Resort.

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