Exclusivity, comfort and well-being.

An exclusive and sophisticatedly designed resort for life.

Verdelago Resort is made up of several exclusive real estate units, where sustainability, organization, and mobility are aligned with the experience of its tenants in a calm and comfortable environment. It allows you to enjoy the best that this place has to offer: its natural surroundings where biodiversity, the sea, the sun, go hand in hand with life. Choose a healthy lifestyle that respects nature, where simple pleasures, comfort and sophistication are unified with luxury, well-being and happiness.

Units and amenities at your disposal.

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    01. Villas

    Residential units, implemented in plots between 1400 m² and 1817 m², with a swimming pool, and a private area of 263 m², designed for family life in harmony with nature.

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    02. Townhouses with roof terrace

    Fully furnished residential units, with a private area of 150 m², a covered terrace (roof terrace), where comfort and a close relationship with the outside are perpetuated.

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    03. Townhouses without roof terrace

    Fully furnished residential units, with a private area between 129 m² to 150 m², with parking and private garden, perfect for a practical, comfortable and balanced living.

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    04. Apartments

    Fully furnished residential T1, T2 and T3 units, with private areas between 81 m² and 150 m², with covered and uncovered terraces, designed for well-being and connection with nature.

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    05. Swimming pools

    Within the Verdelago Resort, there are three swimming pools. One located in the resort’s Club, another in the centre of the resort and the third next to the residential units in the north-eastern area of the resort. All have generous dimensions and are ready to receive the whole family.

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    06. Kids club

    A space for the youngest, created and designed so that the games never end. Fun but with an educational aspect about biodiversity and nature, this will certainly be the place of choice for the little ones.

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    07. Pedestrian and cycling tours

    Enjoy several safe walks inside the resort or beyond its limits. Always in close relationship with nature.

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    08. Club

    Where the Resort’s main services and support services are located: Reception, the restaurant, bars, terraces, swimming pool and direct access to the beach walkways.

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    09. Verde lago beach

    1 km seafront, beach support, a bar, restaurant and terrace with an area of 400 m² and a concession area with about 36,000 m² at your disposal.

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    10. Green park

    About 37 hectares, with cycle and pedestrian paths, leisure areas and where the Center for Environmental Protection, Interpretation and Enhancement is located.

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    11. Hotel

    A 5-star hotel with 197 rooms, featuring a gym, restaurants, spa and all the services and amenities associated with well-being, health and quality of life.

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    12. Lake

    In the heart of Green Park, in perfect balance with the biodiversity and ecosystem that surrounds it, you will find a 2-hectare lake.