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Route one - 7 minutes

A short walk to the beach.

From Verdelago Resort to Verde Lago Beach.

0.5 km or a leisurely seven-minute stroll entirely via footbridges. Start by glimpsing and crossing the temporary Mediterranean pond, classified as protected habitat, and appreciate the biodiversity it holds. Continue through an area of Eucalyptus and then a large area of Maritime Pine Forest. This is home to local species such as the Green Woodpecker, Blackbird, Great Tit and Golden Oriole. Next, you reach the Stone Pine Forest, with less shade and closer to the dune area. The breeze that can be felt denounces the imminent contact with the sea that is just over the dunes. Nice beach!

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Route two - 7 minutes

A walk between nature and the sea.

From Verdelago Resort to Verde Lago Beach.

0.5 km and seven minutes completely via a footbridge. It is a winding path that goes around the still young Stone Pine trees that characterize this coastal environment. Shadows and clearings accompany us, creating a dynamic of landscapes, sounds and freedom, combined with the constant presence of the biodiversity inhabiting the area, including Maritime Pine trees, which are found here naturally. The constant presence of nature and native species is rewarded at the end by the arrival of the coast.

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Route three - 15 minutes

Mediterranean pond.

Green Park.

1 km and fifteen minutes through an area of low vegetation, with unobstructed views to the sea, where you can see two temporary ponds where native species live and coexist, that make up the local biodiversity. Eucalyptus trees line the trail with constant shade, and where the sounds and sensations offered by nature persist. The Hotel Verdelago subtly bursts onto this trail, offering more intense and present shadows. Finish at the edge of the pond and enjoy the view at the end of the nature trail you have just walked.

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Route four - 15 minutes

Green Park.

Green Park.

2.5 km and thirty-five minutes’ walk, starting from the sports complex. A 2-hectare lagoon lies over the landscape we traverse, where the fauna is guided by the rhythm of nature. Over the bridge, or around it, the aim is to reach the waterline which joins the lagoon to the sea and let the sand, sprinkled with pine needles, fill our path to give us the feeling of being by the sea.

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Route five - 35 minutes

North Reserve.

North Reserve.

1 km and fifteen minutes starting from an area of Stone Pine Forest, in an environment of shade and tranquility. After a gentle climb, there is a waterwheel and a well – which is refurbished heritage. Cork Oaks integrated into a protected area, where chameleons rest peacefully. Followed by the density of Stone Pine trees, spread over 6 hectares, take us to the highest point of the resort. On a level with the hotel’s roof, it offers a viewpoint over the area. Verdelago Resort, outlined by the blue sea.

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The nature that awaits you.

The essence of a unique and natural place awaits you.

Nature here is silent, it is patient, it waits for you, unhurried. Spend whole days between the sea and surroundings. At Verdelago Resort we balance this relationship with services and amenities essential to comfort. At Verdelago Resort, sophistication and the relationship with nature, through sustainability and respect for biodiversity, happen effortlessly. No rush and no waiting.

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