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Golden Visa Program

An opportunity to improve your quality of life.

Property and residence. With mobility.

The demand for a place that guarantees greater stability and quality of life for many foreigners has increased year by year in Portugal. Since the launch of the Visa Gold Program (Residence Permit for Investment Activity) in 2012, more than 16 thousand foreign investors have applied for residency in the country. And until April 2021, 5.8 billion euros had been invested in Portugal through this program, with the purchase of real estate being one of the most popular ways to adhere to it (over 9,000 visas were granted through the acquisition of real estate until March 2020).

Why join the Program? The benefits are many. The possibility of residing and exercising a professional activity in Portugal, accessing the education system and Portuguese health, traveling freely between the 27 countries in the Schengen area, obtaining a permanent residence permit after a period of five years. The applicant can also apply the Golden Visa status to their spouse, grandparents, and children.

An investment with added benefits.

Main advantages of Golden Visas.

Investing in Verdelago Resort will allow you to apply for the Visa Gold Program, considering that an investment made in the acquisition of real estate, with a value equal to or greater than €500,000.00. Your investment qualifies for the Residence Permit for Investment Activity regime, benefiting, if your investment is made from January 1, 2022, from the measures of the National Program for Territorial Cohesion in which the municipality of Castro Marim is included.

Real estate acquisition is thus one of the quickest actions to apply for a Golden Visa. Invest in your quality of life. In an asset with increased quality and maintain your mobility across borders. Accessing this Program, through the purchase of a property, is an added benefit to the exclusive enjoyment of a life above expectations, where the climate, culture, nature, the sea and all the amenities and quality services are present.

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    Residence Visa Waiver

    With the Golden Visa you will be able to travel and enter Portugal without the need for a Residence Visa.

  • medical assistance abroad visitor travel insurance
    Living and Working in Portugal

    The Golden Visa allows you to reside and work in Portugal continuously and according to your schedule. This condition is valid for a stay of not less than 7 days in the first year and not less than 14 days in subsequent years.

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    Circulation and Mobility

    The Golden Visa Program will allow you to travel, stay and move freely between the 27 countries in the Schengen Area.

  • family protection family health insurance

    The Golden Visa allows investors to enjoy family life by considering the possibility of aggregating their direct family members under the same visa.

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    Permanent Residence

    Through this special regime, the application for a Permanent Residence Permit is allowed after five years.

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    Nationality and Citizenship

    Joining the Golden Visa Program opens the door to the possibility of applying for Portuguese nationality, through naturalization.

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